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Wildflower Wellness Program


Through targeted nutrition therapy and inclusive women's community, you will transform your health, say goodbye to chronic digestive distress, balance hormones, and feel empowered in your body. 

While the body consists of a series of complex systems that are constantly at work with each other, it operates as a singular integrated ecosystem. Everything is connected, from the nervous system to the immune system, and at the center of these connections is the gut. Using a digestion-focused approach, the Wildflower Wellness Program teaches you to take empowered action to eliminate discomfort, sleep better, experience less anxiety and fatigue, and feel at home in your skin again. Gain the tools, knowledge, and support to step into a radical new way of being; a way that gives you control of your health once and for all.


1:1 Nutrition Consulting

The crux of Wildflower’s work comes in healing the gut through a targeted and highly personalized nutrition protocol. Our 1:1 sessions provide you with a plan that includes recommendations for diet, lifestyle, supplementation, and exercise, which immediately kick-start your health transformation.

Because the GI tract plays the most pivotal role to overall health, when it becomes imbalanced or compromised, it affects the health of the entire body, often accounting for diseases like fibromyalgia, autoimmune conditions, depression, allergies, and more.

Our 1:1 appointments target your specific concerns and quickly eliminate the overwhelm that comes from not having clear or directed information. Your protocol will be specific to your needs – empowering your physical body and easing your peace of mind. After your first appointment you'll receive a detailed health assessment and protocol. You will have the opportunity to order tests to help us gather all the necessary information, and the highest quality supplements on the market to start rebalancing hormones, minimizing inflammation, and supporting digestive function.

Having the functional tests run has given me a more tangible understanding of my digestive issues, which feels very hopeful. During our first meeting, Anneliese provided me with tools to boost mental health and stability, which I’ve put into practice and have had terrific results! Negative self-talk has decreased, and I’m already feeling the overall positive changes to my health. Thank you!
— Susan
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Women's Community

One of the, if not the biggest pieces of wisdom I've gleaned from years spent healing my own gut, is that no amount of healthy eating and supplementation will heal a body that is chronically over-stressed, overwhelmed, and burnt out. 

Monthly women's gatherings offer a chance for women to come together and sit in circle, be led through simple mindfulness practices, and enjoy solo time to just be. Think of it as a gift to yourself; an opportunity to tap into women's community in a world where women frequently live in competition with one other, and a chance to practice the art of listening to your body and reconnecting to your divinely individual self. 

Regena Thomashauer says, “Women need sisterhood like we need oxygen” and I couldn’t agree more. Healing holistically is more than just a physical process. Supporting the mental, emotional and spiritual processes of healing offers a deeper sense of ease, understanding, and safety as you meet your health goals. Please visit the events page to see what community offerings are happening this month

It’s very innovative and courageous of Anneliese to create, offer and facilitate this wonderful healing circle for women. It’s a sacred and safe place to emerge and heal. Thank you, I am so grateful! This is helping me to take one more step to wholeness body, mind, soul and spirit. It’s so important to connect with community in a way and place where one can be themselves. What Anneliese offers is just that. Thank you, good woman!
— Val C.

Pricing and Details


Intake appointment / 90 minutes / in person or remote / $189

In your first 90-minute appointment we will discuss your health history, primary concerns, and goals. I will offer my understanding of the ‘big picture’ of your health, and give you recommendations of what changes you can make immediately to feel better. We’ll also go over any tests that could be beneficial, and options for supplements that can powerfully support your health as you work towards achieving your long-term goals. The intake appointment includes a detailed 4-7 page wellness assessment, emailed to you by the next day.


Follow up appointments / 60 minutes / in person or remote / $99

During follow up appointments, we will make adjustments to your protocol, discuss test results, and talk specifically about your next steps, with the overarching intention of helping you continue to work towards health and vitality. Appointments are followed up with additional written assessments and handouts to empower you with tangible support material and take out the guesswork of how you can achieve your goals. 


wildflower wellness retreat / 6 hours / in person / $99

Day-long retreats on Vashon happen once every 3 months and offer a nourishing space to relax, learn, and get in touch with yourself and your healing process. You'll be fed healthy snacks and tea, participate in guided mindfulness activities, enjoy outdoor time,  learn to cook therapeutically for your dietary requirements, discuss tips and tricks for navigating a holistic protocol, practice mindful eating, and indulge in lots of relaxation and restoration. You don't have to be a client to participate, all are welcome! If you don't live on the island, I encourage you to book an Airbnb for the evening and treat yourself to a true getaway.


Slow Down Saturday / 2 hours / in person / $free

This free monthly women's circle will help you practice the art of listening to your body, letting go of resistance, and accessing tools for nurturing yourself as you heal. Whether or not you're a Wildflower client, these circles offer a nourishing environment to be seen, heard, and loved, which promotes self-compassion and trust. 



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"Like a wildflower; she spent her days allowing herself to grow, not many new of her struggle, but eventually all; knew of her light."

/ Nikki Rowe /