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I'm so happy you're here.

After months or years of suffering from chronic and unexplained symptoms, you’re ready to transform your health and lead an empowered life… and I’m here to help. Thank you for being here, I can’t wait to embark on this journey with you! While there's so much I'd love to share with you about my personal life like what I do in my spare time (yoga and cooking) or my dog's name (Poncho), I'll start with this: I have been formally educated as a certified Master Nutrition Therapist, but I consider myself a digestive wellness guru, mindfulness connoisseur, and lover of all things innately feminine. I do this work because I love it, and I believe in it. 

I have a wealth of personal experience tied up in the daily reality that is chronic GI distress. My years spent working to heal my own body, combined with a rigorous nutrition education and hundreds of hours studying in trainings, workshops, and seminars, have all culminated to bring forth the Wildflower Wellness Program. Every one of the circuitous routes that I’ve taken has brought me here, to support you in restoring your gut health, illuminate the underlying causes of your symptoms, and provide a safe and supportive community where women can gather together.  

I believe that you deserve to feel comfortable in your skin. You deserve time to care for yourself and nurture the subtleties that make you the wonderful individual you are. You deserve answers – not the kind that can be found on Dr. Oz’s most current list of anti-inflammatory foods – but the kind that are personalized, prioritized, and deeply individualized to your needs. Through dietary recommendations, supplements, lifestyle, and testing, I will help you create the structure to transform your health and hold the space for you to settle deeply into your healing process.  

If you’re ready to turn your symptoms around once and for all, please schedule your 30-minute phone call and learn more about whether Wildflower Women’s Wellness can help you achieve your wellness goals.

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Anneliese offered my clients a deeper look into how to think of health problems both scientifically and intuitively. She shared her insight into some of the more troubling areas of nutrition for women like feeling ‘wired and tired’ and managing cravings, and shared strategies for addressing these issues with testing, hormone balance, and food preparation. Anneliese’s presentation was familiar and easy to listen to. I loved hearing about her experiences using nutrition as a method for healing, and left with a better understanding of the microbiome and the gut.
— Josh, Owner Crossfit Vashon
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"Life shrinks and expands in proportion to one's courage."

/ Anaïs Nin /