What women are saying: 

Before working with Anneliese, I felt like a ping-pong ball going between doctors and theories on the internet. I now know what to do every day to heal and I understand the big picture of my health puzzle. I’ve had a significant reduction in symptoms and finally have a sense that healing is possible. Anneliese has so much knowledge and empathy... working with her has been a lifesaver.
— Emily
When I came to work with Anneliese I was experiencing low energy and I just could not seem to fight off the most mundane colds and infections. Now, after seven months of working together and utilizing lab tests that confirmed specifics about my gut health, we have addressed the underlying imbalances and I am headed into the winter months feeling strong with even energy. Anneliese has been a consistent and thoughtful resource of information and action that has resulted in improved health, a regulated baseline, and most importantly, empowering my understanding to move forward.
— H.T.
I feel amazing - more energized and physically much stronger! Anneliese has a real gift for helping me get to the core of the issues I am trying to overcome. I greatly appreciate her approach to stimulating both the mind and the body, and in turn, I find that these two are communicating better with each other. Through discussion and adjustments to diet, supplementation, and lifestyle, Anneliese has helped me recognize what my body truly needs to thrive.
— Laura

Is Wildflower Women's Wellness right for you?

  • Do you suffer from chronic, unexplained, or erratic digestive symptoms that leave you feeling disempowered and overwhelmed?
  • Have doctors told you “there’s nothing wrong with you” or “there is nothing you can do other than take powerful pharmaceuticals” making you fear that you’ll never the get the help you need? 
  • Are you often tired, anxious, in pain, or not sleeping? Have you become so used to this way of living that you’ve given up hope for finding a solution?
  • Do you worry that you've put on weight and can't seem to shed it, no matter what you try?
  • Is your social life or love life suffering because you’re constantly tired and uncomfortable in your skin?
  • Are you so overextended with work and personal obligations that you’ve forgotten how to care for yourself?

Sister, there's a better way..!

Get the help you deserve with...

  • A specialized nutrition protocol and health assessment that includes recommendations for diet, supplementation and lifestyle adjustments, to give you a clear plan for restoring your vitality and put you back in the driver’s seat of your health. 

  • À la carte testing for infections, dysbiosis, and food allergies to illuminate the underlying causes of your symptoms and create a precise regimen for healing in both the short- and long-term. 

  • The highest quality supplements to help kick-start your recovery process, support hormone balance and minimize deficits, so that your body is primed to heal.

  • Free monthly women’s circles that offer tools to feel safe in your body amidst discomfort, teach you how to trust your own personal process, and give you practices for self-care that you can implement on an ongoing basis.

  • Wellness retreats on Vashon that include therapeutic meals, a cooking class, circle time focused on mindfulness practices for healing, and unstructured social time to help you connect with people going through a similar process.

  • Workbooks and infographics to help you track your progress, keep you laser-focused on achieving your goals, and give you all the information you need to heal, allowing for optimism and awareness.